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The Comic Strip

Bruno of FLIPPER and David Yow! On Lava Lamps....

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DAVID YOW OF THE JESUS LIZARD AND BRUNO DESMARTASS OF FLIPPER APPEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Talking to DJ Nurse Annabella about the upcoming new Flipper tour.


Also touching upon 80's Noise rock and CD Longboxes,building up into a a new "Lava Lamps in the 90's" Part III special.


Hear David Yow talk about Kurt Cobain!!


Hear Bruno talk about his new band Virgo Supercluster and about comics.


Also featured on this episode is the beginning of a monthly brand new segment featuring Nurse Annabella's radio sub-genius colleague,Dr.Hal Robins!!!! This new segment is called "Cosmic Commentary with Dr.Hal".








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Isley Brothers' guitarist Ernie Isley calls in for a candid interview about his memories of close friend Jimi Hendrix, space aliens,and medical marijuana!!!

DJ Nurse Annabella here at your service! Providing you the best in obscure 70's Heavy, video games, and ABC Afterschool Specials about drugs. Also hear me play some actual arcade game cabs on the air such as Galaga and one you must figure out by the sounds what it is...


Catch the podcast with special guest Ernie Isley below,and catch a brand new show airing every Sunday 4 -7 PM PST on Free Radio Santa Cruz 101.3FM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Legendary Cult Film Director Ted V.Mikels Returns to Lava Lamps!♥

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Getting a call again from Ted V.Mikels was really groovy! He was on my show before,and back again to speak about his upcoming film,Ten Violent Women 2,and also sharing more memories from behind the scenes. More memories of Tura Satana and much more.

It was really rad receiving actual autographs from Ted this time around,as well as an autographed Astro Zombies DVD.

Hear Ted talk about catching one of his actors high on drugs on the set! Hear what kind of music Tura Satana was into! And how he came up with all those legendary film titles.

Also hear me crank call the Hostess Cakes LLC customer service # asking them to please bring back Ninja Turtle Pies! :p

Also a brand new mix of even Heavier,even more obscure 70's Doom Metal! And a brand new segment of "LAVA LAMPS IN 3-D", showcasing the best of the undergound Heavy songs of recent years...

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Listen to the latest podcast below and find out! ♥

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LISTENER DISCRETION IS ADVISED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Filmmaker Kevin " The Glitch Gremlin " Finn calls-in and Obscure Video Game Console Reviews!

For this episode, I received an actual call from The Glitch Gremlin himself, filmmaker Kevin Finn!

Kevin is a regular fixture within the Angry Video Game Nerd(AVGN) universe. AVGN is a popular Youtube series which began in 2004 by Kevin's friend James Rolfe. Being a big fan of the show,it is a great honor to have him inside the deep dark horror dungeons of Lava Lamps & 8-Track Theatre!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We talk about the recent cult movie hit, Angry Video Game Nerd:The Movie which was released last summer for a special limited theatrical run. Kevin is the co-writer and co-director of this film which I suggest you must checkout.

Hear the interview on the podcast below. Also touched in this episode is my love for Frankenberry cereals, obscure 70's Doom Metal, Ambient Noise, rare Black Sabbath mash-ups done by me, and also reviewing obscure home video game consoles such as the Acetronic MPU-1000 and the Epoch Cassette Vision. Hear me play the game 'Monster Mansion' on the Cassette Vision on the FM airwaves!

There's also a brand new mix of heavy music and 80's commercials. Not going say the playlist this time around,you must figure it out yourselves! :p

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 Ex-Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein calls in this episode!!! Discussing his current tour supporting his first solo album called Abominator.

Talking about hot sauces, comics, guitar pedals, and pre-show rituals. Doyle also hints at an upcoming new second solo album which is slated for a fall 2015 release. Memories of how Glenn Danzig taught him how to play guitar and much more!



Various Atari 2600 game sounds(Mixed samples: scenes from the film 'Jekyll and Hyde Together Again(1982)')


Bedemon - Child of Darkness II (1973)

Death - Rock N Roll Victim (Excerpt) (1975) (Mixed samples: Scenes from the film 'Corpse Eaters(1974)')

Sound of Imker - Train of Doomsday (1969)

Queen - Stone Cold Crazy (Rare Studio Instrumental Version)(Extended Mix) (1974) (Mixed samples:

Scenes from the film 'Corpse Eaters(1974)', sounds from the Atari 2600 game 'Space Jockey(1982)')

The Electric Eels - You're Full of Shit (1975)

Eccitazione Cadaverica - Incubo (Excerpt)(1977)

Lava Lamps FRSC 101.3FM Aircheck

Atomic Rooster - Break The Ice(from the album 'In Hearing Of') (1971)

Curved Air - Metamorphosis(from the album 'Air Cut')(1973)(Mixed samples: sounds from the Atari 2600 game 'Challenge of Nexar(1982)')

Supernaut - Night Watch (1974)

The Beatnicks - Back in Town(1972)

Iron Maiden - Strange World (Demo)(1979) Phantom of the Opera(1980)

Fridays TV Show - "The Andy Kaufman Fight Incident"(1981)(Mixed samples: Pac-Man Plus arcade game(1982)) Atari 5200 TV commercial(1982)

Fear- Beef Baloney/New York's Alright/"Saturday Night Live fight incident" (1981)

Frank Zappa - Cocaine Decisions(1981)

Anti-Nowhere League - So What (1981)

Suicidal Tendencies - Suicide's An Alternative(Demo)(1982)

The Bags - Disco's Dead (1978)

The Misfits - Cough/Cool(45 RPM) (1977) She(45 RPM) (1977)

Satan's Hollow arcade game sounds (1981)

Girly movie trailer (1970)

The Misfits - Last Caress (1980)

X-Ray Spex - I Live Off You (1978)

Sex Pistols - Bodies (1977)

MDC - Corporate Deathburger (1981)

Flipper - Ha Ha Ha (1980)

The Spits - Shitty World (1983)

Black Flag - Can't Decide (1983)

Geza X - I Hate Punks (1981)

Beastie Boys - Jimi (from 'Pollywog Stew E.P.')(1982)

Purkurr Pilnikk - Surprise (1981)

White Flag - Cross Dogs (1984)

The Other movie trailer (1972)

The Misfits - Horror Business (1980) Teenagers From Mars (from 'Static Age')(1978)

Return of the Fly movie trailer(1959)

The Misfits-Return of the Fly(Demo)(1978) London Dungeon(1982)

The Ramones - Pet Sematary(1983)

♥♥♥Ex-Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein Calls-in!!!!!♥♥♥

"Lava Lamps in 3-D" Segment Intro

High on Fire - Baghdad(2000)

Doyle - Hope Hell is Warm(2013)

The NESkimos - Double Dragon(2004)

The She-Wolves - Desire(Live@The Dollhut)(2009)

Electric Wizard - Dunwich(2007)

Slough Feg - Tiger!Tiger!(2007)

The Minibosses - Castlevania 2(2001)



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